A New Site for Young Preachers

Welcome to the re-purposed Short Posts. My purpose on this site is to encourage young preachers and pastors. I realized not long ago that I am no longer a young preacher. When you find yourself introduced at conferences to preachers well more than a decade younger than you, you realize you weren’t hatched in the spring.

The content here will be of different types, i.e. book recommendations, life lessons, biblical studies, etc., but it will all have the central aim of encouraging and helping young preachers. My hope is that it will not be all one-sided. I hope we can discuss and have a conversation that will be glorifying to God and profitable to His men.

I welcome comments on the posts. I also have a tab where you can ask a question. So, if there is some relevant question to preaching and pastoral ministry you have, you can submit it there and it can be discussed in a future post. I can’t promise an answer to every question but will help in any way I can.

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